1994 Mazda RX7 Touring Montego Blue

May 2015 marked the day I became the owner of this glorious early-90s RX7 in my favorite color - Montego Blue. It was the culmination of a decade of love for everything Mazda and a complete disregard for the plethora of warnings about the rotary being an unreliable money sink! Well, they do say that love is blind.

The first year I had the FD I had the pleasure of driving it from Connecticut to New Hampshire and up Mt. Washington. Aside from a small hiccup at the top of the mountain where the air got super thin the car ran flawlessly and it just further cemented my love for it.

April 2016 brought spring showers, new flowers and an FD suffering from hot start issues. It had not been quite a year of ownership and I was already experiencing the trials and tribulations of owning a finicky rotary. The poor results of a compression test brought reality crashing down that I needed to start saving for an engine rebuild. They say you aren't really a rotary owner until you've had that first engine rebuild. Nothing like popping that proverbial cherry!

March 2017 the FD was loaded up on trailer being pulled by a stout F150 Raptor and was sent off to IR Performance for a full rebuild. We've had a few hiccups along the way (thanks turbos for choosing this time to kick the bucket as well!) but thanks to IR Performance the RX7 came back home in late August and we are on our way to open roads once again!

What can I say? This may admit a confused and fragile mental state, but I love this car.

See below for the full gallery of photos from the beginning.